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Portable Software

You have a usb thumb drive and your data and documents are portable, but did you realise how easy it is to take your software with you too?

Portability of data, passwords and software is important if you have an iPad, a mobile phone that accesses the web, or just want to use more than one computer.

Here at eFob, I have reviewed and listed truly portable software for Windows, Mac OS, Gnome and Linux (and some for other Operating Systems).

On these pages I am listing the very best portable software for usb thumb drives, SSD Flash Drives, iPads, and mobile devices.

Also there are some articles and guides relating to portability, anonymity and security of your portable data, to help you get the best from your favourite portable software.

eFob Portable Software

I'm not listing ALL portable software - I review and list the portable software I have used and found particularly useful or I list portable software that has been user-reviewed and widely recommended and is available without charge or is open source.

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This means you get the best of the portable software available AND you don't waste time chasing down obscure, buggy (and possible unsafe) portable applications.

Just try one, two or three of these top rated portable apps that I have listed in each category - you are sure to find an app that suits - have fun!

A little (important) word of advice: Be sure to back up your data before installing ANY software whether portable or not. I've learned this the hard way. It is important to make sure you can recover to where you were BEFORE you installed any software and a full backup will ensure you are fully prepared.

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