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Portable Password Manager Software

On this page I am listing the very best portable Password Manager software for usb thumb drives, SSD Flash Drives, iPads, and mobile devices.

The portable software I'm listing here is either portable Password Manager software I use myself or the best available without charge or open source portable Password Manager software.

I use Opera for my password management which has a unique "wand" feature and you can find Opera over in the portable web browsers category. Try the password managers listed here - they are the best portable apps in their class.

KeePass Password Manager Software

KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.

KeePass Features: Strong Security. Multiple User Keys. Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility. Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files. Import From Many File Formats. Easy Database Transfer. Support of Password Groups. Time Fields and Entry Attachments. Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag&Drop. Intuitive and Secure Clipboard Handling. Searching and Sorting. Multi-Language Support. Strong Random Password Generator. Plugin Architecture. Open Source.

KeePass Password Manager Software Homepage

Password Safe Password Manager Software

Password Safe is free software for simple, safe and secure password management.

Password Safe allows users to store all passwords in a single "safe" (password database), or to create multiple databases for different purposes (e.g., one for work, one for personal use). Each database is independent can be moved and used on different systems, as long as the same version of Password Safe is installed. Databases are encrypted with an encryption key derived from the master password (the master password, however, is not kept in the database in any form).

Password Safe provides several mechanisms for using stored names and passwords. Most require copying the user name or password to the clipboard and then pasting the information into the required input field. Password Safe provides a function, Auto Type, that automates the entering of user name and password into a web form.

Note: When you visit the Password Safe homepage, make sure you look at the information for Disk-On-Key versions to get the fully portable Password Safe.

Password Safe Password Manager Software Homepage

Cherbox Password Manager Software

Cherbox is a free password manager, (formerly BBox). Also with Cherbox you can manage desktop icons of the operating system, application programs, files, folders, notes, URLs.

Cherbox has multiple uses including capabilities for file management, note taking and as an application launcher.

Cherbox password management software features a convenient and automatic password generation function, that can be used to manage password information. Cherbox is also a type of fully functional personal management software.

Cherbox Password Manager Software Homepage

PWGen Password Manager Software

PWGen is a password generator capable of creating large amounts of cryptographically-secure passwords or passphrases (from word lists). It uses a random pool to gather entropy from user inputs and system parameters. PWGen also offers text encryption and random data file creation.

PWGen Notable Features: Open-Source software. Uses up-to-date cryptography (AES, SHA-2). Unobtrusive: easy to use, doesn’t install any weird DLL files, doesn’t write to the Windows registry, doesn’t even write to your hard disk if you don’t want it, can be uninstalled easily. Fully Portable. Secure memory management: memory allocated by the program is filled with binary zeros before deallocation. PWGen can generate randomly filled files. PWGen has multilingual support.

PWGen runs on all 32-bit Windows versions (Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista /and Windows 7).

PWGen Password Manager Software Homepage

PassworG Password Manager Software

PassworG is a free password generator software that allows you to create any number of random, unique and highly secure passwords which are very difficult to crack or guess.

PassworG also contains a built-in password quality checker. PassworG enables you to use this feature to check your passwords strength and get suggestions on how to increase their quality.

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