Portable Software

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Portable Software

On this page I have published a little of my own original writing and thoughts about portable software for usb thumb drives.

I hope this helps you get the best from your portable usb drive and portable software.

eFob Portable Software

As you can see, I am listing Portable Software here at eFob. To qualify as portable, the software has to be able to run from a removable drive such as a USB stick, thumb drive or SSD flash drive.

Some of the portable software listed at efob may need to be initially installed via the Operating System. If this is the case you should then copy the program’s installation folder to a removable disk and then un-install the program - a bit tedious I know but at least it allows a greater range of portable software to be listed.

Plenty of software, including some of the most popular software available on the web, now come with a portable installation as an option. This can sometimes be offered during the installation process or may be offered as a discrete download in an archive such as a zip file.

Zipped portable installations are usually the most straightforward to use “out of the box” as the publisher will have prepared the software to run portably and then packaged it in the zip file - you just unzip to your portable drive and the software can be run from there.

When visiting a publishers site, look around for the portable version of the software - sometimes this is not very obvious and may not be listed on the main download page - though software publishers are getting better at this as they realise that there is a huge demand for truly portable software.

Anyway, have fun and enjoy the portable software resources here at efob - I had fun putting it all together.

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I'm not listing ALL portable software - I review and list the portable software I have used and found particularly useful or I list portable software that has been user-reviewed and widely recommended.

This means you get the best of the portable software available AND you don't waste time chasing down obscure, buggy portable applications - just try the top one, two or three portable apps I have listed in each category here - you are sure to find an app that suits - have fun!